Hey, my fanon-folks. Your AcenglishMaster, back for his inaugural fanon bulletin.

Today, the current promotion: Template:F is waiting your review on Template:F. Don't be too shy for submitting your review! Before it's too late! Yesterday we actually had a winner of the drawing who made a great insight review of the Template:F, Minnichi! She will be given a special userbox and her name will be on the FAS main page forever, so congratulations!

Just like cycle of life, *tuning Lion King song disc* the cycle of the Fanon Advertising Promotions begins anew. The current promotion will be for Template:F, a newer, amazing story by Kuzonkid7. What's it all about? The Lost Air Temple offers the reader an interesting, original plot for an Avatar story. It covers the tale of Kyoshi's predecessor, a Fire Nation-born Avatar named Gatton. His journey leads him to bring the balance between the Fire Nation people. If you want to read an original, interesting-twists, and different, story focusing on an ancient side of Avatar universe, read this. And if you do, please send your thought to the Fanon Advertisement System Template:F, for a chance to win a special userbox, recognition in the next Ba Sing Se Times, and your name on the Fanon Advertising page forever. Don't be shy, it can just be two or three sentences on your favorite character, a tip for the author, or what you liked overall. Snag it fast!

These days, our Fanon Portal reached a tough times; an argument between past Fanon Admins and fanon authors, for the re-creation of Fanon Admins. You can read them "admin" here. It's a nice argument between us, fanon authors, and fortunately Lostris solved the main problem by keep the argument in-line. However, if you have an idea, you can definitely message me and/or fanon editors! Whenever you have a question, don't be too shy by message us.

In middle of 2012, I noticed that fanonbending had grown back to its golden-age. However, I couldn't say it's back on top, without your helps, anyway. If you have a good fanon that you read, (not write) you can submit the nomination beneath the current votes.

And, these days, have you read any fanon-tips? If you're planning to create / write any fanon, start by looking them here, here, and wait for the next tips! You'll read 'em in my contributions on these two newsletters.

So, this is it, my first Fanon Bulletin. Thank you for reading, and good luck in your day!