Template:F is Template:F. Now, speaking for the authors of Vortex, AvatarRokusGhost, Minnichi, BlackMonkey, Wordbender, Mageddon725, Agent Slash, and myself, are very excited to be bringing you this. Now, if everything goes as planned (which we all know never works the way we'd like), we should see a tiny delay between this and the next chapter, and than a cycular release of chapters (possibly one-week to two-weeks). Chapter One is currently in development, and should be finished soon, Chapter Two is currently finished, but needs to be edited.

Now, I have a good feeling that everyone will like Vortex. Not only will it visit the contributed characters universes, it will visit the A:TLAverse, the LoKverse, and some familiar places (Omashu Rocks fans will like a location). There will be mild comedy, mixed with much drama and action. Vortex is looking like it will be between 14-21 chapters. We've already plotted much of the story. Unlike the prologue, written by all of us, the next chapters will each be written by a single person, and edited by all of us. We are hoping that our individual writing styles will merge together to form a single writing style, layered with our individuality.

We hope that Vortex will be one of the few group fanons that succeed - well, we guarantee, actually. Now, not saying it is definite, but we have also been talking about the 'future' of Vortex after Vortex. So, when it ends, don't be sad.